"Night of the Phantom"
Robert Bailey

Title: "Night of the Phantom"
Sheet Size: 24" x 34"
May 6th, 1966. Phantoms from the U.S.S. Ranger (CVA-61) attack Hai Phong Harbor, North Vietnam! In this extremely dramatic night action, U.S. Navy Phantoms exit the target area at 400 knots, having expended their 5-inch Zuni rocket packs. Their efforts have paid off by destroying an AA site, munitions storage facilities and sinking two surface vessels. The main aircraft in this print is piloted by Fred Ferrazzano.

50 Studio Edition signed by artist only:

  • US$95.00

100 Limited Editions with FOUR signatures: (Fred Ferrazzano, Jack Rollins, John Tibbs, and Jim McIlrath).

  • US$175.00

80 Aces Editions with ONE signature: (Commander Randy Cunningham).

  • US$225.00

All of the following prints are signed by Vietnam War crewmen including: 1st. Lt. Paul Chryst, 1st. Lt. Donald Murray, 1st. Lt. Harold Lasch, 1st. Lt. Ralph Danekas, 1st. Lt. John Howland, Lt. Herbert Egender.

200 Group Editions

Prints #1 - #110 with NINE signatures:

  • US$275.00

Prints #111 - #200 with ELEVEN signatures:

  • US$295.00

20 Artist's Proofs with EIGHT signatures (including Randy Cunningham):

  • US$340.00

20 Remarques with NINE signatures:

  • US$425.00
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