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Our information page is meant to be of service to you our customer, to answer some of the questions you may have on your art purchase. If you have a question that is not answered on this page please email us at info@canadawestart.ca

All prices are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise noted.  Shipping and handling are extra, call for quote.  Prints will normally be shipped rolled in a tube.  Flat packaging is available call for quote.

Open Edition: An edition issued without limit, individual number, or artist’s signature.

Artist Signed Print: Originally issued as an Open edition, a publicly stated quantity of which were later inscribed with the artist’s signature, and the printing plates destroyed.

Limited Edition Print: An edition of identical prints numbered sequentially and individually signed by the artist, having a stated limit to the quantity in the edition. Following publication the printing plates are destroyed.

Artist’s Proof: An old tradition of reserving a quantity of prints for the artist’s use, usually equal to about 10% of the edition. These are signed by the artist and numbered showing the quantity of Artist’s Proofs issued.

Publisher’s Proof: A quantity of prints, not always issued at the time of publication, usually equal to no more than 10% of the edition, issued for the publisher’s use such as donations to Museums. Quantities of Publisher’s Proofs, often issued with a supplementary print, are made available to collectors.

Remarqued Print: A print issued with an original pencil drawing by the artist in the margin, either numbered out of a stated additional quantity of prints in the edition, or on a given number of prints in the edition. The quantity of remarqued prints in any one edition will generally be between 25 and 50. Each remarqued drawing made by the artist is slightly different, thus making each print totally unique.

Companion Print: An additional print usually issued in a smaller size, published to compliment the limited edition.

Matted (or mounted) Print: A print fitted into conservation matt (or mount), ready for framing.

Original Drawing: An original work individually drawn by the artist, completed in pencil, ink, or other medium, and signed by the artist. Being an original work each is unique.

Certificate of Authenticity: A certificate issued by the publisher stating the total quantity of prints issued in the edition, validating the authenticity of the signatures, and in case of a limited edition, confirming the unique number inscribed on the individual print.

Secondary Market: A market, largely operated by retail galleries, where limited edition prints are bought and sold by collectors after the edition is sold out at the publisher. Generally, prints are offered for sale on the secondary market at prices above the original published price.

Acid-Free paper: A paper used in publication of prints that is specially treated to neutralize its natural acidity. This protects prints from discoloration and deterioration.

Conservation Framing: Framing using the highest quality material designed to protect paper. Special techniques and procedures are used to protect the work and no process that is not reversible is used to leave the artwork in it’s original state. Conservation framing is designed to minimize deterioration by the environment and to avoid contributory deterioration by the materials that surround the artwork.

Giclée: A Giclée print is the highest quality print available today. The word Giclée is a French word meaning 'to squirt'. The process is digital printmaking with a printer that uses minute droplets of archival ink to create prints that cannot be duplicated by other printing techniques. Because there is no visible dot screen pattern the resulting image has all of the subtle tonalities of the original art. Each dot may have over 4 billion possible colors! This produces exceptional museum quality prints.


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